7. 1. 2019

Looking back at SOILTEQ TOUR 2018

SOUFFLET AGRO international organised last November from the 12th until 16th its international SOILTEQ TOUR in France. The aim was to bring farmers from each countries members from our SOILTEQ CLUB and the local SOUFFLET AGRO referents agronomists.

26. 7. 2017

Read more about SOILTEQ philosophy in Blog

We are gathering all the interesting articles from experts on sustainable agriculture all over the world in one place. In section called "BLOG" you may read studies, results from trial fields and other articles that might help you on your way to sustainable agriculture.

26. 7. 2017

Autumn SOILTEQ clubs

The autumn is slowly comming closer and we bring you dates of upcoming seminars. Matthieu and Patrick will come to do a presentation about SOILTEQ and visit farmers in dates from 6.11. to 17.11. If you have some interesting facts that you would like to share with us, feel free and upload it on page "SHARE WITH US".

10. 3. 2017

Spring seminars 2017

This years spring seminars set the date in week 21. (22. 5. - 26. 5.). Our experts on sustainable agriculture, Matthieu Archambeaud and Patrick Valmary, will travel around the countries, present their visions in SOILTEQ practise and discuss with farmers about their current needs.