13. 2. 2018 biom.cz, Vladimír Vrba, Ludvík Huleš

Humus - soil - plants: Earthworms

Earthworms are the most important animal component of the agricultural land. Nearly 50 species of earthworms are known in the Czech Republic, of which only one third can be found in agrosystems.

12. 6. 2017 Paul Molga, Les Echos

Soil as a final carbon trap

Thanks to better farming practices land epidermis can absorb excesses of our carbon dioxide emissions. A study describes related conditions.

24. 3. 2017 Loïc Chauveau, www.sciencesetavenir.fr

The interest in "no-till" confirmed

Nowadays, the United States are leaving the ploughing techniques. One third of farms do not use a plough anymore.