7. 1. 2019 Soufflet Agro

Looking back at SOILTEQ TOUR 2018

SOUFFLET AGRO international organised last November from the 12th until 16th its international SOILTEQ TOUR in France. The aim was to bring farmers from each countries members from our SOILTEQ CLUB and the local SOUFFLET AGRO referents agronomists.

26. 2. 2018 zemědělec.cz

Nitrogen fertilization: specifics and applications

Nitrogen fertilization is given the greatest attention since it is a nutrient that affects the yield the most. However, if it is incorrectly applied (at an inappropriate time, form or dose), the natural cycle results in its unnecessary loss. This lowers the efficiency of the fertilization, and the costs of the nitrogen fertilizers and their application will not result in the expected yield.

13. 2. 2018 biom.cz, Vladimír Vrba, Ludvík Huleš

Humus - soil - plants: Earthworms

Earthworms are the most important animal component of the agricultural land. Nearly 50 species of earthworms are known in the Czech Republic, of which only one third can be found in agrosystems.

22. 6. 2017 Bioactualites.ch

Crop rotation

Important to know

The availability of nitrogen and root weed control need to be managed primarily by crop rotation and soil preparation.

In farms having little or no manure, it is particularly important to have a crop rotation that "holds up" over the long term and includes a sufficient proportion of legumes.

12. 6. 2017 Paul Molga, Les Echos

Soil as a final carbon trap

Thanks to better farming practices land epidermis can absorb excesses of our carbon dioxide emissions. A study describes related conditions.

10. 6. 2017 Farmprogress.com

Weed & pestes control

Cover crops may be a biological 'bug' killer

While scouting corn fields in southeastern Indiana during the last three years, I've noticed fewer disease lesions of northern corn leaf blight and gray leaf spot in fields following cover crops. That could prove to be a major, underemphasized benefit. Disease lesions were more prevalent even on fields where corn was grown two years ago in a corn-soybean rotation when no cover crop was used.

10. 5. 2017 www.bioactualites.ch

Close to the ground plow

No allowance is paid for transition: from temporary grassland by sowing into the covered soil, sowing of green fertilizers and intercrops, wheat or triticale after corn.

Allowances are paid until 2019.